Height: 1, 65 m. weight: 53 k. Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown



2003-2004 Jacques Lecoq International school of physical theatre, Paris
2001-2002 Royal Holloway University, MA in Drama and performance, London
1997-2001 Deree College Athens BA in Art History


Languages: Greek (native), French (native), English (fluent), Spanish (basic)
Music: piano, singing, dance (modern)
Theatrical improvisation
Sport: swimming, cycling, tennis, hiking, horse riding
Driving license for car and motorcycle
Casting assistant (replique), assistant director
Translator, stagiere at Activecoute acting on camera masterclass, participation in advertisements and promotional videos, promotion, voice over (voice for Greek Trivago television spot), photography (as model and photographer).


2015 “Wednesday 04:45” (feature film) dir.Alexis Alexiou, Natalia mistress
2011 Nikostratos, Olivier Horlais, Christina
2011 “Towards an Exit” short video Masseuse Teo Prodromides
2011 Mia Nychta (One night), short film by Giota Karatzetzou, Zoe (lead)
2010 Klemmenos Chronos (Stolen Time), short film by Eugenia Karydi Zoe (lead)
2009 Blow Rider 48 hour film festival short movie by Sean James Sutton
2008 8 AM 48 hour film festival short movie by Sean James Sutton
2007 Kartela Asthenous short film George Kakavoulias Helen (lead)
2004 De battre mon Coeur s est arête, Jacques Audiare (extra)


2015-2016 “The Stone of the North” by Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos, mother, reflection
2015-2016 “Praktorisses” (she Agents), by Giannis Kalavrianos, directed by Avgoustinos Remoundos, Giannoula, Loukritia, Suzie Q, Lucy
2015 “Playing with the Myths” by Topi theatre company at studio mavromichali
2014 “The Theatre Case” (remake), Vault Theatre
2013-2014 “Nine parts of Desire”, dir. Maria Tsaroucha at Vault
2013-2014 Aesopos+Grimm Brothers Tales for children, dir Dimitris Pleionis at studio mavromichali
2012 Astraxidi devised physical theatre by theatrical group XA!
2009-2010 The Theater Case by Vlacklist Alexandra, dir. Vlacklist, devised physical theatre
2007-2008 Spirtokouto (The Matchbox) by Yannis Oikonomidis Kiki dir. Dimitris Komninos Victoria Theatre
2005-2007 The Bald Primadonna, by Eugene Ionesco Mary dir. Dimitris Komninos, Epi Kolono, State Theatre of Northern Greece, Victoria Theatre
2005 The Emperor’s New Clothes H.Christian Andersen, dir. George Paloubis, Artaki Festival


2015 Dekati entoli (10th amendement), Asphyxia, call girl
2009 7 Thanassimes Petheres episode Amalia to Proto Aima (Amalia the first blood) Georgette, dir. Grigoris Petriniotis MEGA channel
2008 Se Eida (I Saw you) episode Ston Antra tis Zois mou (To The man of my life) Sia dir. Stratoula Theodoratou, Alpha Channel
2008 Alithinoi Erotes (True Love Stories) episode Aoratoi Anthropoi (Invisible men) Niki, dir. Vassilis Douros, Alpha Channel
2007 Istories Mistiriou (Tales of Mystery) episode Yposhesi (The Promise) Helen (lead) dir. George Kordellas, Antenna
2005-2007 7 Thanassimes Petheres, dir.Grigoris Petriniotis MEGA channel

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