2010, An English neighbour, D.Bodjakov-Gloria, BG Nationl TV

2009 , Il caso di conoscienza, L.Perelly , L.Perelly

2007, Hitman, Liuc Besson, Feature Film

2006, Magna Aura , TV Movie

2004, Patriarchy , D. Bodjakov , BG TV-Lead Role

2003, Follow Me, D.Bodjakov, BG TV-Lead Role

2003, Mortally punishment, Jill Beaux, France TV-Supporting

2003, Post impact, Cristoph  Schrewe, Feature Film

2002, Torus, Feature Film-USA

2002, Djovanni XIII, G .Kapitanni , RAI 1

2002, Case by conscious, L.Perelly , RAI 1

2001, The mirror of the devil ,  N.Volev, BG TV

2000m, Dark Descent, Daniel Knauf,  Feature Film USA-Lead Role

2001, The most important things , I.Andonov, Feature Film BG

1999, The poor orphan, BG TV

1998, The spirit of my father , D.Bodjakov , TV Movie BG

1998, Wizards, Iv.Georgiev,S.Gelev, Feature Film BG

1995, Spanish fly , K.Kolarov,BG Feature Film



2014-“Joan”-by Y. Pulinovich -Olga -dir.Yavor Gardev-National Theater“Iv.Vazov”\
2012 -“The life is beautiful”-N.Erdman-Raisa Filipovna- dir.A.Morfov- National Theater
2012-The Dracula’s Diary”- Contemporary Dance theater – Dance Company  “Arabesque” – The Musical Theater -hor.M.Iskrenova
2011-“Firebal”Stefka-.Iv.Radoev-National theater “Iv.Vazov”
2009-“Casanova”- the Russian- dir.Diana Dobreva –Theater “Salza I Smiah”
2007-“An ideal husband”- O.Wilde- (lady Chiltern)-National Theater Iv.Vazov
2006- “The house of Bernarda Alba”-(Amalia) A.G.Lorka- National Theater
2005”The day off”-K.Donev- (-Venera) National Theater “Iv.Vazov”
2004-“To have a cottage-wife”_ W.Wicharly-National Theater”Iv.Vazov”
2004 – “Place-hunters’- by Iv.Vazov- National Theater”Iv.Vazov”
2003 –Winter’s tale” – W.Shakespeare –National Theater”Iv.Vazov”
2002-“Albena” – (Bul. Classic)-I.Iovkov-Keraniza–National Theater”Iv.vazov”
2001-“Ghosts in Neapol”-E .De Philipo-Maria-National Theater”Iv.Vazov”
2000-“Pigmallion”-B.Show—Ms.Hill-National Theater”Iv.Vazov”
2000-“The memory of water”-Tereza-National Theater”Iv.Vazov”
2000-“Popcorn”-Ben Alton-the wife -National Theater”Iv.Vazov”
1999-“Duel”-Iv.Vazov Raina-National Theater”Iv.Vazov”
1999-“Masters”(Bul.Classic)-R.Stoianov-Milkana-National Theater”Iv.Vazov’
1998-“Cat on a hot tin roof”-T.Williams-Margarette-Theater “Bulgarian Army”
1998-“Mihal Mishkoed”(Bul.Classic)-Sofrona-“Renaissance” Theater
1996-“The woman from the sea”-H.Ibsen –Bolet -“Renaissance” Theater
1995-“Misunderstood civilization”(Bul.Classic)-Maria-“Renaissance” Theater
1995-“Masters”(Bulgarian classic)-Milkana Theater”N.Vapzarov”Blagoevgrad
1994-“Cinderella”- The Grim Brothers –Cinderella- “Renaissance” Theater

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