In these times when the internet is leading our personal and professional lives, we spend hours of trying to manage all our contacts, endless social media accounts and our image as a creator.

Being part of WAMMA online community of gifted people is a great opportunity to combine all your internet activities in one place. Sharing and discussing your artistic projects, finding new team members, looking for help, creating groups of interest, finding new friends, performing webinars or video auditions… There are endless options for every member.

Let’s combine in one all your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit … accounts and start building an exclusive circle of professional originators!

A working community, from which every professional will benefit.

Hopping on board an online art community can be an excellent source of inspiration and motivation for any artist, affording you the opportunity to upload your art, receive feedback, learn new techniques, and have meaningful conversation with like-minded individuals at little to no cost to you. You will be surrounded by other creative people, inspiring work at every corner, and have access to a plethora of resources that will help you perfect your craft and explore the unknown.


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