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Performing Skills: Improvisation
Athletic Skills: Surfing, Soccer, Football, Cycling, Swimming
Accents: British, Australian, Italian, French, Spanish, German
Spoken Languages: German, Italian, Hebrew, Spanish, French
Musical Instruments: Piano, Drums


Private School UK, Creative Expert, London, UK, 1986
Went to Private school in London, then Ontario College of Percussion, Toronto, Canada, University of Buffalo, New York


Barbed Wire fX, Film Composer

Work History: Music Video, Film, Television, Commercial, Theater, Radio, Internet, Film, Television, Drummer with Tina Turner, Drummer with Tina Turner, Music Video, Commercial, Theater, Radio, Music Production, Internet, Music Video, Film, Radio, Theater, Internet, Commercial, Television, Internet, Music Video, Film, Television, Radio, Commercial, Theater
Job Categories: Acting, Writing, Production, Sound, Composing, Producing

Willing to work unpaid?: Yes
Authorised to work in United States: Yes
Primary Citizenship: United Kingdom
Valid Passport: Yes
Prior Job Title 1: FILM COMPOSER
Prior Job Title 2: AGENT


The Composer
Ground Zero
The Day of the Machine
World Music
Time, Times and Half a Time
Music from Filmworks Studios
Concepts @ Themes
Plus over 40 other CDS

Testimonials author=Peter Adams- William Camilleri, born in London, is a composer of music for the movies.

This genre has been greatly ignored by Classical music, to its own detriment. As such, Camilleri’s music is not intended to compete with the musical styles of previous eras.

Yet, he is solidly a late Romantic composer in his use of orchestration and melody.

His melodies are generally long and languorous, which gives him free reign to delve into his rich use of orchestration. His music is introspective at times, at other times he uses Middle Eastern, African, or Asian musical traditions, with strong sweeping passages to paint a scene or location. Beyond that, his musical style cannot be easily pigeon holed. He has even composed pop music.

To some, this alone is musical treason. He has also forsaken the musical missteps of the 1950s and 1960s that still are used by current avante guarde composers. A number of websites publish glowing reviews of Camilleri’s music and describe him as being able to change the direction of Classical music.

Clearly, this is one of his goals, and he is to be commended for this effort. Mr. Camilleri is currently living in the Los Angeles area, and among his duties with the motion picture industry, he finds time to perform as a concert pianist and percussionist. He has even released 40 CDs of his music that he produced himself. The CDs can be purchased through his website (listed below).

While it is difficult to conclude that he will indeed change Classical music, he clearly is a new and fresh voice that will much invigorate the movement and move it from its current torpid stylistic state

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Dear Dr. Gregory,

I believe you have recently acquired the services of WILLIAM CAMILLERI and I would like to say that I cannot speak highly enough of William. I contracted him to compose an original score for my environmental short film THE VELVET ABSTRACT after speaking to his Agency in Los Angeles. Although I was very impressed with the range of musical compositions on his website nothing could do justice to the talent behind the work. The rate at which William turns out classic upon classic puts him in the stratosphere of the truly great composers of the last fifty years. His music not only fits the scene more perfectly than imagination could ever have hoped for, but it also inspires the creative team to raise their game and deliver a scene worthy of the composition. On The Velvet Abstract, his original score became a metronome for the entire film. It set thepace, mood, and creative levels that we all found honoured to be a part of. But having a rare talent is one thing, what makes William stand head and shoulders above every other composer we have encountered at Amber Films, or Barbed Wire is his extraordinary professionalism. He really is a joy to work with and the entire production already miss him greatly. I have no doubt that that you have secured a talent that simply cannot be matched in his field. With William to learn from, Harvard will soon be turning out the next generation of talented composers that will make your course one of the most popular in the country.

Yours Sincerely James Hughes Writer / Director [/testimonials]

William Camilleri was born in London, England, of Italian Origin and took to the piano, drums, violin and recorder at age 3. At 17 William moved to Toronto, Canada and was told by Paul Robson the Director of The Ontario College of Percussion that he could easily become the world’s greatest drummer, Paul suggested he take Private Tuition and William was taken by world famous American drummer Peter Magadini who was in Toronto at the time. William then moved to London and played with many world famous artists, namely Tina Turner on her hit single Lets Stay Together.
William then found he couldn’t fit in with traditional music groups and set up his own Revival Studios where he composed his own special brand of music. Soon after he was discovered by Prof Pirkilbauer from the Mozartuem in Salzburg, Austria where he was commissioned to compose and record his first CD. A year later William was discovered again by Prof. Dr. Steven Paul the Head of A&R at Sony Classical in New York who described Williams compositions as monumental.
Prof.Dr. Steven Paul also put William in contact with Martin Harry also Head of A&R at Sony Classical who described his piano music as a very unique type of music that he had never heard before. After this meeting William was discovered in Hollywood by Claire Best at Marsh, Best & Associates who said his music was rated alongside John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, James Horner. Marsh, Best & associates signed him as a Composer on the strength of a CD composed, arranged and recorded by William on a synthesiser! At that time this leading Hollywood company didn’t even have a music department so they opened one about 6 months later.
William has composed over 40 CDs of music, is highly gifted as he can compose all his music with ease and without any changes. William calls this DIRECT COMPOSITION even when William performs in concert he relies on sheer inspiration and delivers the most powerful melodic music that can be heard today.

In August 2010, William was contacted by Maria McDonald the head of New York Fashion week to submit 8 music videos for the red carpet event Cover girls for New York, in Manhattan. He was also asked to perform live in concert at the prestigious Lincoln Centre in New York. Recently, two major record labels one from the US and one from Europe have approached William who will be making a 5 CD release in early 2011. In February 2011 William Camilleri was asked to perform at the Hot Couture Fashion week in Concert in New York City at the Waldorf Astoria and is having his music performed there in this worldwide Red Carpet Event broadcast all over the USA and to 18 different countries. Also in February 2011 William Camilleri was asked by Linzy Attenborough to be Head of Music for First Impression Films Ltd, a new large Film/Multimedia Company in London and also, the Head of Music at Thought Juice Films, another Film Company that specialises in High Level Music Videos and all aspects of the Film/Music/Recording Industry.William is now making his first Feature film based on an amazing Oscar bound true story called The Composer, see for full info.

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  • I had the privelage of listening to William Camilleri music on his website and was blown away, i have never heard such incredible music with such power and majesty in my life since Bethoven.

    Sarah Landson NYC.

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