Why Enter A Video Contest?


1. Exposure

A public screening of your work will help you gain exposure for your film.

The publicity surrounding the video contest can leverage a wider online audience and gain you more followers.

2. Networking

Every video contest is gathering of filmmakers, film enthusiasts and people who work in the film industry.

It is an opportunity to introduce yourself and your work. It is about meeting new people and sharing ideas.

It is also about encouraging others in your field and promoting new talent.

3. Experience

As a filmmaker your aim is to share your work with others, to entertain and engage an audience. A WAM Video Contest is a great opportunity to expose your work to a community of your peers, providing you with an inexpensive way to get objective feedback beyond your own family and friends. This can be an exciting, scary, humbling, encouraging, motivating, enlightening, inspiring experience.

4. Award

Each WAM Video Contest prize can help you fund your next project.

The more people who enroll the contest, the bigger the prize fund will be.

Every contestant will may reference their entry into the contest, which added to their marketing materials can gain them more exposure.

Please read the Rules if the current contest.

5. Distribution

Among people who will vote or see your film there could be someone who wants to distribute your film. 

6. Comparison

Compare your skill level with others in your genre. See the latest trends in techniques and topics in your chosen field.

7. Marketing

Entering a WAM Video Contest is a cost effective approach to marketing. 

The nominal contest entrance fee is a cheap and fun way to get your name known by a wide ranging and knowledgeable audience. 

HERE you can read the rules of WAM Contest For Short Films!

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