Shkurte Ramushi

I have completed Bachelor faculty of fine arts, painting branch, the Academy of Arts, Pristina, 2010-2014.
For me art is a way to recognize your humanity and rewarded for it, humanity.
My biggest desire is to see the world, to live free without rules, without the spontaneity but frames it never by anyone violating freedom of course known as some more people.
I believe that this offers me my profession, art.

Personal expo:
1. Pavarsia House of Culture, 2008 painting
2.Color of life,2008, Grand Hotel, Pristina painting
3.Remember with, March 31, 2010, Institute Albanology, Pristine painting

Collective Ezpozitat:
1.Flakadani I Karadakut 2010, Kosovo, painting
2.Euroart – The Albanian contemporary public art, 2011, Pogradec, Albania painting
3.Gjon Mili 2011 Pristina, Kosovo, photography
4.Premtuesit-student expo Pristina Kosovo 2011 painting
5.With my country in the background, 2012 Pristina, Kosovo, photography
6.Gjon Mili 2012, Pristina, Kosovo, photography
7.Prefoto 2013 Presevo Serbia, photography
8.Wiki Academy Kosovo, 2013, Pristina, Kosovo, photography
9.United Color of Benetton, in 2013, Italy, painting
10.Global Mobile exhibiton-Show your hope-2014, around the world, painting.
11.Vitia Art 2014, Tirana, Albania, painting
12.Student’s exhibition,2014,Prishtine,Kosovo,Painting

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