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WAMMA Live Video is the Complete Tool for Online Auditions

No Software to Install, Room to Rent or Assistance to Hire!




E-Conference, Video Conference, Online Conference


Webinar, E-Learning

WAMMA Live Video Connects Talents Without Borders!

Casting directors, create your pencil list effortlessly!

Performers, save time and resources. Book your job from your phone.

WAMMA Live Video is an Online Tool to Connect Team Members. Up to 7 people in one private session.

Regardless time, location, resources.

Take decisions, make plans, create projects without leaving your office or house.

Learn the Essentials of the Business with WAMMA Live Video.

Find a Webinar for your needs or

Share your knowledge with everyone else.

Easy to Use. No Hiden Fees. Amazing Quality.


– Live video and/or audio chat;
– Multi user conference video sessions;
– Simple whiteboard for online education;
– Broadcast to many;
– Meeting Scheduling;
– File transfer;
– Record the session. The video file will be directly downloaded to your computer;

Online Video Chat
– Screen sharing. Supported on Chrome up to 71 with additional plugin (Your will be guided in the installation process), Chrome 72+, Firefox 52+ and MS Edge 17+ browsers are pluginless;

– Switch between front and back camera of your mobile;
– Notification system;
– Mobile friendly;
– Internationalization – COMING SOON
– Set your own video chat room;
– Snapshot;

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