Born in Montegnées, Liege in Belgium 08/28/1970

Licence: B and car ownership

Nationality: Spanish

Languages: French and Spanish

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Head size: 54 cm, Height: 140 cm Weight: 62 kg, Waist: 87 cm

Tower Poitrin: 96cm, Hips, 103, Build to 40cm, Shoulder width 32cm back

Neck circumference: 41cm, 35cm Size, L.Manchre EP / Elbow / Wrist 13-35-60

HT Neck / Back Size: 45cm HT Neck / DVT size: 45 Confect: L

The int.Jambe 60 ext: 75: 38 Knees

Cycling, Football, Karate

For several years, I am a comedian and actor.

In various embodiments, in fields as varied

As: Theatre, Advertising, the clip, the camera-Hidden, The Fiction.

Leave me the chance to prove my worth

Professional Experience

Season 2013/2014 :

Theatre Workshop Short adult Scale: C (L) Asses / Role John John, in a staging by Luc Jaminet

03/27/2014: Turning to a pub for danette / Role of the Martians, made in Brussels producing caviar, director anglai,

21/03/2014: foamball / Legrand Director Leopold 2 nd at INSAS / Brussels of 08.03. : GOLGOTHA Picnic / Theatre proscenium

09/10/2013: Turning for season 2 Metal Hurland, small participation figure has been Chaleroi Belgium

21.07 au28.07.2013: Stage of AKDT Neuchâteau marivaux a passion for theater: the game of love and chance / staging Serge Poncelet and Sophie Demarest (assistant)

Season 2012/2013:

The dream of a night of summer W. Shakespeare / Drama Courses Renzo Eliseo a service organization in the province of liege

Play in April and May 2013 Senen Rodriguez Diaz Role Puck servant of Oberon staging Renzo Eliseo

23/04/2013: Robin Pourbaix performance to Halles de scheerbeek brussels festival beautiful beautiful little participation disorder experience

01/12 and 02/12/2012: Turning to a hidden camera to the print edition, we not pigeons, Role of a servant of a fairy tale, marabous trapped in a castle in belgium broadcast December 21, 2012

25/11/2012: video clip shooting for clup clup to Sett (tour and taxi) has Bruxeles role of a boss circus video project

11/10/2012: filming a movie that is part of a theatrical spectacle created after d Peep show

Jean-Marie Piemme: The Pleasure of Disorder: filmed suggestive image and a sequence shot, producer Jimmy Araujo Torton

Role of a dwarf deformed head and laughed a little man handsomely between up a knife between his legs

and laughed vulgarly Senen Rodriguez Diaz szene shooting at Bar Zogloba Brussels Belgium

22/07/2012 / AU 29/07/2012: AKDT internship internship Neufchateau: Instant Theatre

Actor and staging Philippe Vauchel

29/06/2012: Invitation to the film crew projection Who to retué Pamela Rose? the Majestic passy

LGM MOVIES and KAD and Olivier expected output in theaters on 05/12/2012

Season 2011/2012 :

SEX, drugs and barakies: collective creation, short scale theater workshop

Luke Jaminet play in May 2012

05/04/2012: video shooting for Ombudsman Production Emakina EU, Veronika Kasprzak Realization

Thibaut Coppens, done Place Brugmann Brussels Role Mechanic Senen Rodriguez

18/02/2012: Turning Short Film / AND BODY fell: A Rodrigue Movie Hults

1450 Chastre (Cortil) Belgium) small role eccentric umbrella bearers for a small dog

07/12/2011: Clip / CHAMPAGNE song interpreter and / Michel Piangerelli, Realization, Karin Bey

Argan made Kafé Brussels Belgium Role of coffee on the same day

23/10/2011: clip for soiré event in a disco in the Bois de la Cambre Brussels

c is a purely amateur shooting video learning for Samantha Deligne

Role fairytale character in the wood

27/09 at 29/09/2011: BUT A RE-KILLED PAMELA ROSE? a film Kad et Olivier

small roles twckie: Saint Bernard (dog) location: Paris France has set out in the rooms for 05/12/2012

16/07/2011 to 23/07/2011 / AKDT of Neuchâteau: International Internship / recherher has its own Clown:

Yvon Mentens (Lecoq trained in methods and Pecroux and graduated from the International School of Physical Theatre in Califonnie socioloque, actor, stage director

14/07 to 15/07/2011: Turning feature: DEAD MAN TALKING: Patrick Ridremont

Author: Patrick Ridremont, Jean Lopez Sébatien Cat actor Patrick Ridremon,

Francois Berléand, Virginia Efira, Chistian Marin, so my small contribution Silhouette: Basketball player / Senen Rodriguez Diaz Virton, Belgium theatrical release October 3, 2012

Season 2010/2011 :

The legacy of PENDU: collective creation

Short scale theater workshop staging (luc Jaminet) Play in May 2011

30/04/2011: Evening on the theme: FREAK SHOW: cultural center of throws, bruxelle

Home and Quider j usqua the entrance of the expo, the Role sir, the Oyal of a circus but still enough class

07/01/2011: shooting for a short film in 3D 3D ANARKORD director Marco

21/11/2010: Studio 2 shooting for Cami TV, small participation, role of a player, footballer, has charleroi

08/10/2010 to 13/10/2010 / shooting the film houba the marsupilami and orchid chiaulub product, achieve, by Alain Shabbat (actor Alain Shabbat, Djamel Debouze, lambert wilson, and my little participation: Role of a prisoner release in theaters on 04/04/2012

25/07/2010 31/07/2010 / internship neufchateau: the universal language of mime actor Marcel body

Marceau given by (Elena Serra)

2009/2010 Season

CASANDRA: Workshop Short Scale play in May 2010 staging by (Luke Jaminet)

year: 2009: 6 small hidden camera, one at Namur, a Chaleroi and four in Brussels

Will be broadcast in 60 countries, the same camera-hidden are broadcast on RTL TVI

Joking Around producing Keynews

25.10.2009: filming a video for the singer Cheb Riahi, Moroccan singer

18.07.2009 to 25.07.2009 the internship masks games, has neufchateau (towards life

mask given by serge poncelet theater paris sun

2008/2009 season: The cabaret of obscure: the short scale workshop play

May 2009 szene layout (luc Jaminet)

15.09.2008 AND 16.09.2008: Shoot photos, studio, to the People’s Bank

On 10.09.2008 and 12.09.2008: advertising for the People’s Bank made in Brussels for France of an American film director

October 2007 to April 2008: Training intregrée ordeal of the French community

belgium Further Education

On the night of 03.10.2008 au04.10.2008: advertising AXA Banque Bruxelles.

On 26.07.2008 at 02.06 2008 Placement of creators actors neufchateau by the method

Stanislawski of / given by Boris Rabey, Moscow )

07/03/2008: Role of a Cafe boss in the movie Tango Singer.

Director: Diego Martinez (Boulogne sur-mer) France

25.01.2008: advertising MC Donalds (Brussels) Director: Alain Berliner

25.07.2007 The Advertising Spot for Plug-tivi-Meking-off pictures and presses.

From 22.07 to 29.07.2007: Alphabet Court Theatre at the international school

Neufchâteau, by METODE of Stanislawski (Donated by Boris Rabey, Moscow)

From 15.07 to 22.07.2007

Court acting in film at the International School of Neufchâteau, facing camera (and Prof

Director: Stephan Carpiaux, Brussels)

October 2006 to April 2007: Training ordeal integrated theatrical confrontation with reality in public secondary education qualification francaise de belgique social advancement education community give Luke Jaminet

From 16.07 to 26.07.2006: burlesque theater Court International School

Neufchateau for a play by Bertolt Brecht (puntila master and his valet matti).

03.07.2006: Advertising in the magazine CINE TELE REVUE, VW Jetta (character to come

24.05.2006 and 29.05.2006: commercial for Belgacom TV. Achieved by Ivan Goldschmidt

03.05.2006: Casting Giant meeting with business at the festival

TROY cinema in France. (make yourself your movie)

23.03.2006: Internal photo for Cranes Komatsu (Canadian origin).

09.01.2006: photograph on the theme of the difference for the weekend magazine

bright / Express (Belgian magazine) week of 24 February to 02 March 2006.

31.05.2005: I posed for pictures in an advertisement to promote a Dutch theme park.

19.11.2003: Extra for mobile phone advertising.

13.11.2003: Comedian in a reality show (AB3 Production), name of the show: “It’s going to know.”

05.02.2002: Figuration in a TV movie of Edouard Molinaro “A man by chance.”

22.09.1999: New pictures for the Dutch ice cream.

02.09.1999: Extra in the movie “LISA” with Jeanne Moreau. Performed by Jean-Pierre Graindbarre.

16.06.1999: I posed for pictures in an advertisement to promote a new Dutch ice cream.

19.05.1998: red lining for global advertising Orangina 1998 as part of a promotional film for television

Director: Fréres Poiraud.

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