Born in Montegnées, Liege in Belgium 08/28/1970

Licence: B and car ownership

Nationality: Spanish

Languages: French and Spanish

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Head size: 54 cm, Height: 140 cm Weight: 62 kg, Waist: 87 cm

Tower Poitrin: 96cm, Hips, 103, Build to 40cm, Shoulder width 32cm back

Neck circumference: 41cm, 35cm Size, L.Manchre EP / Elbow / Wrist 13-35-60

HT Neck / Back Size: 45cm HT Neck / DVT size: 45 Confect: L

The int.Jambe 60 ext: 75: 38 Knees

Cycling, Football, Karate

For several years, I am a comedian and actor.

In various embodiments, in fields as varied

As: Theatre, Advertising, the clip, the camera-Hidden, The Fiction.

Leave me the chance to prove my worth

Professional Experience

Season 2013/2014 :

Theatre Workshop Short adult Scale: C (L) Asses / Role John John, in a staging by Luc Jaminet

03/27/2014: Turning to a pub for danette / Role of the Martians, made in Brussels producing caviar, director anglai,

21/03/2014: foamball / Legrand Director Leopold 2 nd at INSAS / Brussels of 08.03. : GOLGOTHA Picnic / Theatre proscenium

09/10/2013: Turning for season 2 Metal Hurland, small participation figure has been Chaleroi Belgium

21.07 au28.07.2013: Stage of AKDT Neuchâteau marivaux a passion for theater: the game of love and chance / staging Serge Poncelet and Sophie Demarest (assistant)

Season 2012/2013: The dream of a night of summer W. Shakespeare / Drama Courses Renzo Eliseo a service organization in the province of liege

Play in April and May 2013 Senen Rodriguez Diaz Role Puck servant of Oberon staging Renzo Eliseo

23/04/2013: Robin Pourbaix performance to Halles de scheerbeek brussels festival beautiful beautiful little participation disorder experience

01/12 and 02/12/2012: Turning to a hidden camera to the print edition, we not pigeons, Role of a servant of a fairy tale, marabous trapped in a castle in belgium broadcast December 21, 2012

25/11/2012: video clip shooting for clup clup to Sett (tour and taxi) has Bruxeles role of a boss cir circus video project

11/10/2012: filming a movie that is part of a theatrical spectacle created after d Peep show

Jean-Marie Piemme: The Pleasure of Disorder: filmed suggestive image and a sequence shot, producer Jimmy Araujo Torton

Role of a dwarf deformed head and laughed a little man handsomely between up a knife between his legs

and laughed vulgarly Senen Rodriguez Diaz szene shooting at Bar Zogloba Brussels Belgium

22/07/2012 / AU 29/07/2012: AKDT internship internship Neufchateau: Instant Theatre

Actor and staging Philippe Vauchel

29/06/2012: Invitation to the film crew projection Who to retué Pamela Rose? the Majestic passy

LGM MOVIES and KAD and Olivier expected output in theaters on 05/12/2012

Season 2011/2012 :

SEX, drugs and barakies: collective creation, short scale theater workshop

szene layout (Luke Jaminet) play in May 2012

05/04/2012: video shooting for Ombudsman Production Emakina EU, Veronika Kasprzak Realization

Thibaut Coppens, done Place Brugmann Brussels Role Mechanic Senen Rodriguez

18/02/2012: Turning Short Film / AND BODY fell: A Rodrigue Movie Hults

1450 Chastre (Cortil) Belgium) small role eccentric umbrella bearers for a small dog

07/12/2011: Clip / CHAMPAGNE song interpreter and / Michel Piangerelli, Realization, Karin Bey

Argan made Kafé Brussels Belgium Role of coffee on the same day

23/10/2011: clip for soiré event in a disco in the Bois de la Cambre Brussels

c is a purely amateur shooting video learning for Samantha Deligne

Role fairytale character in the wood

27/09 at 29/09/2011: BUT A RE-KILLED PAMELA ROSE? a film Kad et Olivier

small roles twckie: Saint Bernard (dog) location: Paris France has set out in the rooms for 05/12/2012

16/07/2011 to 23/07/2011 / AKDT of Neuchâteau: International Internship / recherher has its own Clown:

Yvon Mentens (Lecoq trained in methods and Pecroux and graduated from the International School of Physical Theatre in Califonnie socioloque, actor, stage director

14/07 to 15/07/2011: Turning feature: DEAD MAN TALKING: Patrick Ridremont

Author: Patrick Ridremont, Jean Lopez Sébatien Cat actor Patrick Ridremon,

Francois Berléand, Virginia Efira, Chistian Marin, so my small contribution Silhouette: Basketball player / Senen Rodriguez Diaz Virton, Belgium theatrical release October 3, 2012

Season 2010/2011 :

The legacy of PENDU: collective creation

Short scale theater workshop staging (luc Jaminet) Play in May 2011

30/04/2011: Evening on the theme: FREAK SHOW: cultural center of throws, bruxelle

Home and Quider j usqua the entrance of the expo, the Role sir, the Oyal of a circus but still enough class

07/01/2011: shooting for a short film in 3D 3D ANARKORD director Marco

21/11/2010: Studio 2 shooting for Cami TV, small participation, role of a player, footballer, has charleroi

08/10/2010 to 13/10/2010 / shooting the film houba the marsupilami and orchid chiaulub product, achieve, by Alain Shabbat (actor Alain Shabbat, Djamel Debouze, lambert wilson, and my little participation: Role of a prisoner release in theaters on 04/04/2012

25/07/2010 31/07/2010 / internship neufchateau: the universal language of mime actor Marcel body

Marceau given by (Elena Serra)

2009/2010 Season

CASANDRA: Workshop Short Scale play in May 2010 staging by (Luke Jaminet)

year: 2009: 6 small hidden camera, one at Namur, a Chaleroi and four in Brussels

Will be broadcast in 60 countries, the same camera-hidden are broadcast on RTL TVI

Joking Around producing Keynews

25.10.2009: filming a video for the singer Cheb Riahi, Moroccan singer

18.07.2009 to 25.07.2009 the internship masks games, has neufchateau (towards life

mask) (given by serge poncelet theater paris sun

2008/2009 season: The cabaret of obscure: the short scale workshop play

May 2009 szene layout (luc Jaminet)

15.09.2008 AND 16.09.2008: Shoot photos, studio, to the People’s Bank

On 10.09.2008 and 12.09.2008: advertising for the People’s Bank made in Brussels for France of an American film director

October 2007 to April 2008: Training intregrée ordeal of the French community

belgium Further Education

On the night of 03.10.2008 au04.10.2008: advertising AXA Banque Bruxelles.

On 26.07.2008 at 02.06 2008 Placement of creators actors neufchateau by the method

Stanislawski of / given by Boris Rabey, Moscow )

07/03/2008: Role of a Cafe boss in the movie Tango Singer.

Director: Diego Martinez (Boulogne sur-mer) France

25.01.2008: advertising MC Donalds (Brussels) Director: Alain Berliner

25.07.2007 The Advertising Spot for Plug-tivi-Meking-off pictures and presses.

From 22.07 to 29.07.2007: Alphabet Court Theatre at the international school

Neufchâteau, by METODE of Stanislawski (Donated by Boris Rabey, Moscow)

From 15.07 to 22.07.2007

: Court acting in film at the International School of Neufchâteau, facing camera (and Prof

Director: Stephan Carpiaux, Brussels)

October 2006 to April 2007: Training ordeal integrated theatrical confrontation with reality in public secondary education qualification francaise de belgique social advancement education community give Luke Jaminet

From 16.07 to 26.07.2006: burlesque theater Court International School

Neufchateau for a play by Bertolt Brecht (puntila master and his valet matti).

03.07.2006: Advertising in the magazine CINE TELE REVUE, VW Jetta (character to come

24.05.2006 and 29.05.2006: commercial for Belgacom TV. Achieved by Ivan Goldschmidt

03.05.2006: Casting Giant meeting with business at the festival

TROY cinema in France. (make yourself your movie)

23.03.2006: Internal photo for Cranes Komatsu (Canadian origin).

09.01.2006: photograph on the theme of the difference for the weekend magazine

bright / Express (Belgian magazine) week of 24 February to 02 March 2006.

31.05.2005: I posed for pictures in an advertisement to promote a Dutch theme park.

19.11.2003: Extra for mobile phone advertising.

13.11.2003: Comedian in a reality show (AB3 Production), name of the show: “It’s going to know.”

05.02.2002: Figuration in a TV movie of Edouard Molinaro “A man by chance.”

22.09.1999: New pictures for the Dutch ice cream.

02.09.1999: Extra in the movie “LISA” with Jeanne Moreau. Performed by Jean-Pierre Graindbarre.

16.06.1999: I posed for pictures in an advertisement to promote a new Dutch ice cream.

19.05.1998: red lining for global advertising Orangina 1998 as part of a promotional film for television

Director: Fréres Poiraud.

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