An amazing film review by Anatoliy Budnitskiy

So Mother! Was by far literally the most bizarre and shocking film I have ever seen. I don’t even know how or where to begin. This is going to be completely spoiler free (except in the comments section so beware). First things first, Jennifer Lawrence was absolutely mesmerising, I think this may be one of her best roles. She gave it her all for sure. It was very visible on screen that it took a toll on her because of the source material she had to work with. Darren Aronofsky is a Wildman. This is where movie going audiences separate themselves because in my opinion his films aren’t for mainstream. He is a very acquired taste. Aronofsky’s films are always very visual, harrowing, captivating and shocking. Mother! Is his most shocking yet, no doubt about it. I will be the first one to tell everyone, I am not a big fan of religion in films, because I don’t follow religion. But this film I was hooked and actually hypnotised by what transpired on screen. When it got heavy, it was unlike anything I’ve seen in a while. The sound design was unbelievable. I always knew Aronofsky loves his sound design but Mother! Was godlike in terms of sound. You literally heard pin drops if that was the case. Footsteps in other rooms, conversations upstairs, etc. that was incredible. The set was amazing. It was literally like a play, the house was a character in its own as well. Wouldn’t say it his masterpiece, in which diehards are saying but I enjoyed it for sure. I am still thinking about it, trying to dissect the film. It benefits from multiple viewings because when things got nuts, anxiety would kick in and it was hard to follow. I am not even sure who I can recommend this to. If you love the filmmaker of THE WRESTLER and BLACK SWAN then definitely check it out! I actually think it is a great double feature with one of his best films THE FOUNTAIN. But this is not a horror film that it is being billed as. Which was stupid in my opinion by the production company. Hence, why people hated it. Mother! Is without a doubt not for everyone. Perhaps even maybe it got too deep for its own good, which is why It isn’t a masterpiece it could have been. Even with its share of problems it is a solid 8 for me. See it but don’t hate me if you hate it (in which case you all will).

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