Stage is great and something I have done and enjoyed doing. I’ve learned about how to work collaboratively, how to be sensitive to other story-tellers, and how to enjoy their company. No politics! How to be true to the writer. How to appreciate the director who serves the writer and the producer. How the same old cabbage gets served up and the how audience have learned to accept it.

Makin’ Movies. Now that’s different. These days it’s possible to write your own script, video it and post it on Youtube or this site and Bingo. New Stories, told in a unique way. A bad director will try to come up with all the ideas and get the actors to make it work for them. Some actors actually like it as it saves them having to trust themselves and come up with their own ideas and sink or swim with them.

The beauty of actors…story-tellers, coming up with their own stories and making them in a way that they like is the best of all since the inspiration is direct. No producer trying to manipulate opinion via bankers. No directors who think their view is the only one. And no writer who is patronised like painters of old whom are only commissioned to paint the same thing over and over again. Namely Christ in varying forms of discomfort. (The Prado, Madrid).

So why don’t they do it? Maybe they are. Certainly actors are being trained to explore and have faith in their own ideas and make them.

Why not have a space on this WAM site where we can post our films that are easily accessible? It would generate competition, fun and ultimately become visible to a wider audience.

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