*** Casting Call***
1118 Films is teaming up with Liberium Visions to produce the feature film, “Lost Gurl”, this October. Here is the official breakdown:
Lost Gurl (15 Roles)
Feature Film
S.E. Films, Liberium Visions
Non-Union, Ultra Low Budget (Some Pay for all roles)
Draft 7/9/2015
Producers: Chris Love
Director: Ed Wilson
Writer: Ed Wilson
Casting Director: Chris Love
Start Date: o/a October 5, 2015
Film Location: Chicago, IL
STORY LINE: 17 year old Nola runs away from home, moving in with her older boyfriend, Jay. The relationship soon takes a turn down a dark, twisted path of physical, mental and emotional abuse.


[NOLA] African American, Female, late teens to early 20’s. A young girl who falls in love with an older man, unknowingly led into a relationship riddled with emotional violence and abuse.

[JAY] African American, Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s. Ruggedly handsome, yet strangely charming. A drug dealer who is both physically and mentally abusive to Nola. His charm lures Nola into a web of abuse.

[KEYKEY] African American, Female. Late teens to Early 20’s, a young girl, who is naïve and addicted to the fast life of the streets, she doesn’t care for anyone besides herself.

[DARIUS] African American, Late teens, early 20’s, a young man in a difficult situation. Soon to be a teenage dad, he decides to turn to the streets, selling drugs to survive.

[SHERYL] African American, Female, Mid 30’s to Mid 40’s. An out of touch mother who is more concerned about where her next drink is coming from, rather than the welfare of her own children.

[RICHARD] Male, African American, Mid 30’s to Mid 40’s. Sheryl’s current boyfriend, but is attracted to Nola. He tries to make a move on her every chance he gets.

[LAMAR] African American, Early 20’s to Mid 30’s. A high level drug dealer that is obsessed with the Nola, and is willing to do anything to get her.

[MS. ROGERS] African American, Female, Late 20’s to Late 30’s. A former Teacher of Nola who has gone through domestic Violence and abuse. She helps Nola get away from the abuse.

[MIKE] Male, Mid 20’s. A rival drug dealer that is willing to kill to keep his street territory.

[MO] Late teens, Early 20’s. Young girl pregnant with Darius’ baby.

[PASTOR MARTIN] African American, Late 30’s to Early 50’s. Delivers a sermon to the congregation.

[STORE CLERK] Early 30’s to Mid 40’s. An annoying store clerk who is fed up with being disrespected.

[CLOTHING STORE MANAGER] Female, Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s. A high end retail store manager that doesn’t respect seemingly non-wealthy customers.

[GROCERY STORE MANAGER] Male, Mid 20’s to Early 30’s. Nola’s boss as well as owner of a local grocery store.

[LAMAR’S BODYGUARD] Big and intimidating bodyguard for Lamar, he ensures that Lamar is protected at all times.

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