Laetitia EIDO


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VOICE OVER and dubbing (French), video games, documentaries, advertisings, e-learnings.
French: native,
Arabic: proficient,
Spanish: basic
Italian: basic.
Also played in Greek, Berberian, Hebrew.
MUSIC : Singing (mezzo-soprano), classical guitar.


SPORTS : Boxing, Horse riding, Taï-chi, Yoga.
A BORROWED IDENTITY Fahima (Principal) Eran RIKLIS (Arabic & Hebrew) 2014
FADHMA N’SOUMER Fadhma (Lead) Belkacem HADJADJ (Berberian) 2014
FLY AS A BUTTERFLY Mrs. Mehni (Supp.) Jerome MALDHÉ (French) 2012
[divider] TELEVISION
FAUDA Dr.Shirin (Lead) Assaf BERNSTEIN, YES (Arabic) 2014
GARAGE VOICES Woman w/red car Marc GIBAJA&M.Mélèse (French) 2014
STRIKE BACK 3 (epis.3&4) Markunda (Guest lead) Paul WILMSHURST, HBO (English) 2012
DESTINY OF ROME Cleopatra (Lead) F.HOURLIER, ARTE (Greek & Latin) 2011
HERO CORP II (6 episodes) Eshana (Recurr.)Simon ASTIER,FRANCE 4 (French) 2010

THE LAND OF NOTHING Arya (Lead) A.KOUIDER,David Lynch Master in Film 2014
A GOOD JOB English client Farid BENTOUMI 2014
LIMPLY,ONE SAT.MORNING Myassa (Lead)S.DJAMA,ARTE(Best 1st fiction Clermont-F. ) 2012
THE STORY OF A MOTHER The mother (Lead) Geoffroy KOEBERLÉ 2009
LEÏLA Leïla (Lead) Benjamin RUFI, FEMIS 2008
THKS, BEAR ! (singing theater)Principal(The teacher) Christ. LUTHRINGER (Nal.Comedy Festival) 2009
EASTERN Mardis Midi Marcel BOZONNET (Rond-Point Nal. Theatre) 2007
THE DISPUTE Lead (Églé)Marivaux, S.HONORÉ (Bordeaux&Belgique) 2007
ANDROMAQUE Lead (Andromaque)Racine,L’Arène Mab’ Cie. (Corse&Nice) 2006
MEISNER TECHNIQUE Scott WILLIAMS- Impulse Company (New-York & Paris) 2011
EIT Béatrice Brout, Philippe Lelièvre, Sorën Prévost (Paris)
Les Enfants Terribles J-B. Feitussi, Béatrice Agenin,Joel Demarty (Paris) 2004
Dramatic Art Conservatory Abbès Faraoun, M.Dibilio,Alain Bernard (Grenoble) 2003
Bachelor’s Degree Architecture – 2001 + MasterII Scenography&New theatrical forms (in Registres magazine) 2005
Emotional Tune Up Niki Flacks (New-York)2012
Grotowski,Stanislavski Alain Maratrat (Peter BROOK Cie.) 2010
Masks and Neutral circle Georges Bonnaud (Jacques LECOQ Cie.) 2007
Puppets and Objects Eric de Sarria (Philippe GENTY Cie.) 2006

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