Putting aside natural ability, there are three ways to become a better actor. The first is the most obvious. Get in class. There is no substitute for studying with the right teacher. Even experienced actors flex their muscles in class because they know that’s the best way to stay focused.
You’ll also learn a ton by watching the other students. That’s why you never want be the best actor in your class. It makes more sense to surround yourself with performers who challenge and inspire you.

Second, if you want to be a great actor, you have to act! It’s really that simple. Granted, you can’t book a challenging guest-star role every week, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to do your own thing.

Back in the day when yours truly was in film school, we had to take out loans to finance our student films. But now we live in a world where anyone can afford to create their own short or Web series. You can even shoot an entire movie on your phone!

Putting up a live performance is cheap too. All you need is a team of like-minded actors who will share the expense and workload.

I have clients who organize weekly script readings. Others ask me to provide them with sides so they can practice their audition skills. I’m sure you can come up with even more ideas.

And finally, if you want to improve as an actor, you have to watch good acting. There are many ways to do this without spending too much money.


How To Be An Actor
How To Be An Actor

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