This Website Is A Sophisticated Platform For Talents Who Are Not Afraid To Be Different!

You have a talent, you have a website. For the visual arts or anything artistic. Advertise yourself! Publish CV, images, videos, agents, representatives, publishers and communicate with others worldwide. This site makes it easy to share your skill.

If one is creative in it's heart always will find an option to express it's self through music, acting, drawing etc. This is a website that gives options. The best option is liaising the people who can evolve a project and make it real. This is website that collects creatives from all around the world.

WAM Network & Resources is an honest and open place to be. You can publish your professional experience, CV, images, videos and all other material that matters to and you will be seen world wide. Show your contact details, representatives, publishers, social pages and be visible to all professionals.


With the FORUM we break down the barriers.

Feeling isolated? It doesn’t have to be that way. You are part of a worldwide artistic community, you are allowed to chat with others, share ideas, develop projects with like-minded people, share your opinions and absorb others ideas on how to feel part of the wonderful artistic world you are part of. Here!

You can build connections directly with the desired professional without needing third party interventions. You can use the forum to find people, make contacts, exchange information, create groups of interest or just chat.


Use our free tool to record a VIDEO.

WAM Network & Resources encourages you to use the site to communicate your work, or vlog about how you work, or would like to work in an ideal world, as mainstream media has a limited airtime for new talents. You can use this facility to record an audition and send to a casting director or agent or to show what you have done so far to a wider audience.


An exciting opportunity to film yourself, your work, or show a creative work, short film. More like a contest where you are the contestant. It’s win win. If you win the competition you get the prize, yet you will also be seen and have your work online for future use.

Instead of waiting for the opportunity, take it! The prize money is generated from the small fee to enter, so artists are supporting artists. The winners will be aided by WAM advertising their work and entering it into International competitions.


Are you going to open an exhibition or your artwork? Are you going to make a one of stage show or tour? Are you going to sell your sculpture/pottery/Poetry/Auction your T shirt designs/Show a film/Your embroidery? Share your plans here. It is not just open to the artistic community but customers, fans, and those interested in the arts.

Don't be shy. You deserve to be seen!