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E MA Video System

Which browsers and OS are supported ?
E MA Video System is supported on all major browsers:

– Desktop PC. Microsoft Edge 12+, Google Chrome 28+, Mozilla Firefox 22+, Safari 11+, Opera 18+, Vivaldi 1.9+, IE 11 (Needs installation of Temasys plugin. You will be guided through the installation process)
– Android. Google Chrome 28+ (enabled by default since 29), Mozilla Firefox 24+, Opera Mobile 12+
– Chrome OS.
– Firefox OS.
– Blackberry 10.
– at least iOS 11. MobileSafari/Mac Safari. For legacy Safari (older than v.11) you will be prompted to install Temasys plugin.

What devices does E MA Video System work with?
We’re available on Android Smartphone, Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC.
How to Start a Video Conference
You may start the call by clicking on video or audio button from any of the sides.
Recording feature is available for Chrome or Firefox browser and from the admin side. When the call is established, you can click on the Recording icon to start record the meeting. Once you stop the recording, a preview link is available.

Is E MA Video System Software available to Download
E MA does not require any additional installations or third party logins and accounts. E MA Video System is available to use after membership subscription only.
What are the Features of E MA Video System
– Live video and/or audio chat;
– Multi user conference video sessions;
– Simple whiteboard for online lecturers;
– Broadcast to many;
– Meeting Scheduling;
– File transfer;
– Snapshot;
– URL shortener;
– Recording a conference. Allows the video file to be directly downloaded or send to backend for saving;
– Screen sharing. Supported on Chrome up to 71 with additional plugin (Your will be guided in the installation process), Chrome 72+, Firefox 52+ and MS Edge 17+ browsers are pluginless;
– Switch between front and back camera of your mobile;
– Notification system;
– Mobile friendly;
– Predefined buttons styling;
– Internationalization – Coming Soon
– Ability to set own video chat room;


Camera and Microphone
Always check the settings of your camera and microphone before your online meeting and test the sound volume.
Be sure your internet connection is strong and stable.
E MA Video System works on all browsers. And yet … it is better if you use Firefox – it is the best for it. Also check if you have any extensions which will block the application..
Take care of your browser. Clear the cache often if you want to have good connection with your websites. For Firefox – https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/how-clear-firefox-cache. For Google Chrome – https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en
Take care of the place you will place your device.Be sure the light doesn’t blind the camera and you will be well seen.
Do not try to join a video casting before your scheduled time. The link will not work.Or you will disturb someone else’s session.


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