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WAMMA Live Webinars

Webinar, E-Learning

Engage with the presenter or deliver presentation to your audience, participate by submitting questions, responding to polls and using other available interactive tools.


Find a Webinar for your needs or Share your knowledge with everyone else.

Easy to Use. No Hiden Fees. Amazing Quality.


– Live video and/or audio chat;
– Multi user conference video sessions;
– Simple whiteboard for online education;
– Broadcast to many;
– Meeting Scheduling;
– File transfer;
– Record the session. The video file will be directly downloaded to your computer;

Online Video Chat
– Screen sharing. Supported on Chrome up to 71 with additional plugin (Your will be guided in the installation process), Chrome 72+, Firefox 52+ and MS Edge 17+ browsers are pluginless;

– Switch between front and back camera of your mobile;
– Notification system;
– Mobile friendly;
– Set your own video chat room;
– Snapshot;

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