Masque of the Red Rape Victor (Lead) RG Films / Robert Noel Gifford
In Fear Of Chris (Lead) Slick Devil Entertainment / Scott Perry
God Said No Luke (Supporting) Drop the HAT Prods. / Jason Heffner
Ascendant to Justice Max (Lead) AStripelesZebra Prods. / Dan Frantz
Tape Me: Reel 1 Trevor (Lead) CEO Prods. / Christopher Outridge
Warriors Clan Marco (Starring) Action Beyond Limits / Richard Hopkins
Joneser Sal (Supporting) Genre Bender Prods. / Buzz Cartier
The Sickness Toby (Lead) Saint Sinner Ent. / Brandon E. Brooks
The Angel’s Fountain Charles “Hurricane” Palantine (Starring) BR Productions / C-Zar Ursulino
The Talonted Never Lose Interrogator (Lead) Stamphill Motion Pictures / Erik Brown
No Strings 2 (Playtime in Hell) Kevin (Lead) RG Films / Robert Noel Gifford
Tales From the Underbelly of Hell: American Serial Killers Larry Pearson (Supporting) GoreZone Magazine / James Morgart
Last Words Dutch – Corporal (Starring) Hogghouse Prods. / Justin Lancaster
Bloodbath in the House of Knives Nick Lemenza (Starring) Swamp Picnic Prods. / Ted Moehring
Law Abiding Citizen Officer Bruno (Principal) Paramount Pictures / F. Gary Gray
Gods of Hellfire Acid – Cult Member (Supporting) Dionysus Productions / John Woods
Malevolent Ascent Damon (Lead) Troubled Moon / Dave Wascavage
Elektra (The Hand & The Devil) Bullseye (Lead) Blinky Productions / Chris R. Notarile
S.K.I.N.S. Charles “David” Craven (Supporting) Fleet Street / Anthony Spadaccini
Infinite Fall D-Rez – Drug Dealer (Lead) Dionysus Productions / Johns Woods
The Ritual Charles Craven – Serial Killer (Principal) Fleet Street / Anthony Spadaccini
Maniac Cop Chico (Starring) Blinky Productions / Chris R. Notarile
Kurbaan Terrorist Hostage Bollywood Films / Renzil D’Silva
City Untouchable Master Danielo (Principal) That’s My Image / Tahsheem Alhadeen
Abduction Otto (Principal) Orrichio Films / John Orrichio
Harts Ridge Chuck – Navy Seal (Supporting) Oceanfire Studios / Mike Tyler
Methodic Junkie (Principal) Blinky Productions / Chris R. Notarile
Love Park Mike – Police Officer (Lead) NY Film Academy / Chris Angelone
Just Like Me Tom (Principal) Prototype Films / David Greenberg
Voosha Day D – Mob Member (Principal) Rob Hawk Productions / Rob Hawk
Brief Tacktiks Analysis Specialist (Starring) Positive Endeavers / Lee Dunkin
Shooter College Student Paramont Pictures / Antoine Fuqua
All The Wrong Moves Damien Slovaski (Starring) Engeniseid Productions / Eric Seidman



As the World Turns Officer Daniel Devito (U5) CBS / Christopher Goutman
Forensic Files Vinnie (Principal) Tru TV / Medstar Television
Forensic Files Prison Inmate Tru TV / Michael Jordan
Forensic Files Robert Tru TV / Medstar Television
Mysterious Journeys Prison Officer (Principal) The Travel Channel / Megan Peterson
Yo Momma (2 Episodes) Himself MTV / Wilmer Valderrama

 12. Damien and Michael Park on AS THE WORLD TURNS


Geisinger Health System Driver Cut Crane Prods. / Michael Lehman
World Aids Day Aids Awareness Supporter (Principal) Comcast TV / Orlando Edwards
Vitamin Water Drink Redneck Fan of Kasey Kahne (Lead) Ammirati / Nick Van Amburg

6. Damien Colletti and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in NBME Commercial Still


GoreZone Magazine Goremale of the Month GoreZone Magazine / Bryn Hammond
Impulse Magazine Cover and Pictorial Impulse Magazine / Sheldon Sneed
All or Nothing Fitness Video Self – Fitness Model Chris Lylez / Chris Lylez Entertainment


UWF Wrestling Ring Announcer UWF Wrestling / Marty Marretti


Officer Roseland Boss (Lead) Dan Mac Productions / Dan McAleese
Nightmare of You Bartender (Starring) Starlight Productions / Daniella Dee


Nick Nitro Series The Jackal (Starring) SamDar Productions / Darin Martinez

Performer Skills

  • Performance Skills: Host, Voiceover, Improvisation
  • Athletic Skills: Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Martial Arts, Golf, Soccer, Bowling, Tennis, Basketball
  • Accents: Italian
  • Dance: Pop Locking, Break, Club/Freestyle


  • BCC College, Associates, Newtown, PA


  • (AMERI-KICK) Karate Studio, Philadelphia, PA, Sword Fighting


  • Robert Noel Gifford, Director
  • Mike Tyler, Director
  • Suzi Lorraine, Actress
  • Anne Reiss, Actress

Employment Details

  • Work History: Commercial, Industrial, Soap Opera, Voice Over, Internet, Television, Film, Music Video
  • Job Categories: Wardrobe, Writing, Casting, Set Operation, Directing, Props, Acting, Press and Publicity Director
  • Authorized to work in United States: Yes
  • Primary Citizenship: United States
  • Prior Job Title 1: Actor

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