Ciara Harvie, the mezzo-soprano .

The 19-year-old emerging talent has been making an impression nationally in recent times making numerous appearances on Television, to theaters, to glitzy and glamorous high-end corporate events.
Ciara Harvie is powerful, to say the least. Her voice alone has the ability to hit notes many others can only dream of. The atmosphere and raw emotion Ciara creates is breathtaking and leaves her audiences stunned and dumbfounded. knowing her talent was too strong to pass on, and the rest is history. Performing to an impressive audience of 1,200 people at Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre, things took a dramatic turn. This pinnacle event in Ciara’s musical career gave her the confidence she needed to pursue the life she’d always wanted.


The Voice

As Ciara’s fan base rapidly grows through her various performances, on The Voice UK and in theater, not to mention her CD’s, people still can’t fathom how this young operatic singer possesses a voice filled with such passion, warmth, soul and maturity.

“Such a big voice for someone so young @ciarahmusic! Keep going at it #thevoiceuk”
– Jennifer Hudson

“You are very talented @ciarahmusic @ you will make it! Just didn’t press my button as I feel I couldn’t have helped you! #thevoiceuk”
– Sir Tom Jones

“Just caught up on last nights @thevoiceuk & @ciarahmusic just blew me away! Please keep going with what you are doing #stunningvoice x E”
– Ella Henderson

“Mark my words, this girl is going to be a star!” Andy Nicol (BBC rugby pundit and former Scottish captain)

“The whole audience stood slack-jawed as this tiny 17-year-old belted out an incredible sound that … Well, listen for yourself!” Nick Barley, director of the Edinburgh International Book Festival

“Congratulations on your performances. You’re blessed with such a great voice” – John Alberti (the Alberti Twins – Love Island)

“People were amazed at hearing such quality opera” – Tommy Shepherd MP and and impresario

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