Actors Here are 12 Things You Can Do To Build Your Acting Career Today!

by Wendy Alane Wright

Casting needs you to be available when THEY need you. We don’t plan our schedules around actors. Actors need to plan their schedules around us. You might think that’s not fair…but that’s how it is. Your day job is not our problem. We are in the Casting Problem. The projects don’t wait until you’re available and ready – unless you are Dame Judy Dench.

Our producers don’t wait until all the actors can show up for auditions. If the auditions are from 11 AM to 2 PM. If you have to drop EVERYTHING to make sure you get there DO IT! Be 1000% prepared. If you are lucky enough to be in the handful of actors that actually get an audition you better show up – off book, the character fully figured out, dressed to reflect the character, early, with a positive attitude, and able to give 1000%. Or don’t show up.
Actors are their own worst enemy. They get in the way of their own opportunities.

1) When someone asks for your demo reel -you should have a link to your demo reel IMMEDIATELY available to give to someone. Get it ready today!

2) When someone asks for your resume it should be updated with all of your current and most recent credits. Everything should be spelled correctly. The columns should be lined up. Go fix it today.

Being prepared and ready for an opportunity is often the difference between getting the job and not getting the job. What could you do TODAY to make yourself more ready for an upcoming opportunity?

3) Does your demo reel have footage that is well lit that features YOU… or everybody else in the scene? If it doesn’t feature you…go edit it today.

4) If you play a cop, or a nurse, or a victim, do you have an acting scene specifically for EACH of those types? If not …schedule to shoot them today.

5) If you sing or dance do you have clips that shows you singing and dancing on your Actor’s Access? (Or any of your other major special skills?) If not…go shoot it today.

6) Are you using the same name on your head shots, your resume, your email, your website, your IMDb Pro, your Instagram, and your Facebook? If not…your brand is not solid. Coca-Cola doesn’t change its name on every different platform. If your name is not the same on every platform… Go fix it.

7) You need to learn to edit your videos? Go take an editing class. Watching editing videos on YouTube.

8) Do you want to do sitcoms? Make sure you are studying at Groundlings or UCB. Sign up for classes.

9) If your audition skills are weak get into any class immediately.

10) If you need an agent – make a target list today. Then pick up the phone and call each and every single one of their offices. Talk to their ASSISTANT and ask if it’s OK to send your headshot to them personally. (This makes them feel important and they have the power to walk your headshot right into the hands of their boss.) Then send the assistant your package. After you’ve sent it call and follow up to see if they got it and thank them so much for taking their time time to look at it.

Also find the Agent’s email addresses and email it, then find where they are doing showcases and attend. Ask your friends if they know them and can recommend you. Stalk them like the pray that they are. Put every ounce of your soul into it. Use your power of intention.

11) Put together your vision board. If you don’t have a vision board start getting it together today to put it up on your wall. You have to know where you’re going in life if you want to get there. There’s so much you can do today, this week, this month to move your career forward.

12) Have you read enough books about this business?
Read Bonnie Gillespie’s Self Management for the Actor, or Judy Kerr’s book. These books are critical. And Don’t just read them – follow along and DO the things we suggest. Only action will take you to the next level.

Today is brand new day! Take Massive Action. You can achieve ANYTHING!

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