The 212i Story
AZG Ensembles Entertainment Production

“Together as One”
The 212i is founded last October 16, 2015 by Mr. Alfie Zulueta Gonzaga, RMT. (AZG) (Member of the Municipal Tourism Council in the Municipality of Santa Barbara, Iloilo; a Fashion Designer and a servant of Culture and the Arts).

The boy-group kicked off with seven members and after several trials surpassed and hard work achieved during rehearsals only four did make it up to the first recording date.

Many asked with regards to the meaning of the “212i” but its a simple Mathematics and will be revealed in the near future. It will be more fun for more mysteries.

A single is recorded and for release. Entitled “Let’s Make It Up” is composed by AZG and arranged by Mr. Billy Bacinillo. The song depicted a story of a boy who wants to make it up with the girl of her dreams after a certain trial. The song genre is alternative admixed with a little bit of hiphop and rap. Members of the 212i are all high schools students of Santa Barbara National Comprehensive High School, Iloilo.

Let’s get to know the boys:

Janpaul Sequito

JP is a singing champion of the group. He garnered many achievements in singing as a kid. He came from family of singers and wished to become a superstar someday in order for him to help his family on their current situation. His mom works hard for them and someday he hopes to pay back all the love for him. Known for his simplicity and humbleness comes a voice you shouldn’t miss and the charm that girls couldn’t neglect. One of his talent is playing the trumpet. As an ordinary kid he also likes to play online games.

Grade 8 – Special Program in The Arts
Music Major
Santa Barbara National Comprehensive High School
Iloilo, Philippines

Christian Michael Sigaya

Christian Michael is the most “Cutie Pie” of the 212i. He garnered his skills in singing from zero to yes oh as a result of constant practice and dedication. Michael is in the 212i because he wants his parents to be more proud of him. His mother is working in Metro Manila while his dad is taking care of him whom is always around before any performances. He couldn’t imagine at first how he is improved right now; from a kid who doesn’t know where to go until he find a second family- The 212i.

Grade 8 – Special Program in the Arts
Dance Major
Santa Barbara National Comprehensive High School
Iloilo, Philippines

Gabriel Sumbillo

Better known as Gab by his peers is a boy with a simple and very nice personality. The most “makulit” of the group. Even though he is a little bit shorter in height but still Gab manage to have the crowds attention specially the girls and the gays! Gab misses his grandfather and grandmother whom he has great memories. As a child he is overly protected by his parents having him someone to look at him in school at his early years of development. Now Gab is a growing boy and explored his talents ready to be a total performer.

Grade 8 – Special Program in the Arts
Dance Major
Santa Barbara National Comprehensive High School
Iloilo, Philippines

Lestat Louise Novillas

This cute boy is the full of appeal and humor. When it comes to jokes- this guys has all it. Lestat has a talent of dancing and singing in baritones. Among the 212i Lestat is the one who has a lot of fans “Campus Crush” in their school. Discovered in the football field whom he is talking with cute girls; asked to sing and made it in front of them. Many local talent agencies would like to pirate him but his heart belongs to the 212i. His number one fan is his Mom whose working abroad to give him a much better future.

Grade 8 – TECHVOC
Regular Class
Santa Barbara National Comprehensive High School
Iloilo, Philippines

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