May 2013-2015 C&R Production TV series “Shmenti Kapeli: the Legend”, director Vladislav Karamfilov
2010-2013 Camera Production TV series “Undercover”, season 1-3, director Victor Bojinov.
September 1995-2015 Actor at Sofilm


“The long travelling”-director Ismail Feruki
“The rabbit of Vatanen”-director Marc Rivier
“The Last master of the Balkans”-director Michel Favar
“Anna.P”-director Olivier Langlois
“Death Sentence” director Jile Bea
“Travelling around Flandres” director Andre Chandel
“Immigrants” director Ivailo Hristov
“Burn,burn,little flame” director Rumiana Petkova
“J’etais a Nurmberg” director Andre Chandel


“Barrel of gunpowder” director B.Mihailovski
“Masons and the priest” director Pl.Markov
“Roberto Zuko” director S.Horvat
“The people and the magpies” director P.Gotchev
“It could not be” director V.Yankov
”Bus” director B.Tchakrinov
“Macbeth” director Pl.Markov
”The older brother” director B.Tchakrinov
“12th Night” director P.Kalkov
“Poker” director A.Kojuharov
“Juliet,Juliet” director Plamen Markov
“Witches” director Plamen Markov

Education and academic activities

NATFIZ “Kr.Sarafov” Master`s degree acting


Bulgarian- Native
English- FLUENT
French- FLUENT
Russian- FLUENT

Professional knowledge of MS Office package

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